Carpet is a big investment in your home. While you’ll want to have your carpet professionally deep cleaned once a year to keep it looking as good as new, there are things you can do to keep the carpet clean in between carpet cleaning services.

If you have pets, whether indoor or indoor/outdoor, you’ll need to tackle all stains immediately. Letting a stain set makes it more difficult to remove. Using a powdered spot remover can soak up stains, and baking soda sprinkled on carpet before you vacuum reduces odors.

As for adults and children in your home, carpet runners in high traffic areas work great, and throw rugs by exterior doors catch dirt, mud, grass and other outside things that stick to shoes or bare feet. You may want to ban shoes inside all together to cut down on dirt and stains.

Be sure to vacuum regularly to lengthen time between deep cleanings, also. You may also want to Scotchgard your carpet for additional stain protection.

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