IICRC Cerfied Firm

You may often see or hear us mention our ‘stamp of approval‘ better known as an IICRC certification. As a certified firm, we definitely stand out from the rest! Don’t know why? We’ll tell you…

  • Customers trust us. As trained technicians, we can reassure our clients that they’re in good hands with individuals that are equipped and knowledgeable about the cleaning and restoration industry.

  • Our services extend from commercial & residential cleaning far into water damage restoration. We’re able to offer a full spectrum of services because we’re fully backed by IICRC. That also means ongoing training on the latest equipment and techniques!

  • We’re unmatched! Being certified give us a marketing edge! You can find Fusion CRS in endless databases as a certified, insured firm. Not only are we able to stay ahead of the competition, but our clients are able to receive the best services possible.

  • Integrity is deeply instilled in our company. Being able to proudly wear the IICRC logo shows that we genuinely care about upholding the best practices.

Why this should be important to you.

IICRC Cerfiied Carpet Cleaning Services