Spring has sprung in Northwest Florida, which sometimes means sunny mornings and rainy afternoons. Is the wet weather adding complications to keeping your carpet clean? We understand your family has busy schedules, including school runs, soccer or baseball practice. Removing dirt and mud from your carpet’s fibers can be a frustrating and it does not have to be!

Remove Mud from Carpets

  • Let it dry! Wet mud can easily be rubbed deeper into your carpet fibers creating a larger issue. Worried about the carpet pad? Blot the mud dry with a towel.
  • Vacuum Now that the mud has had time to dry, it is time to break out the vacuum. Slowly vacuum the spot to remove the dry dirt, then change directions and vacuum again. Make multiple slow passes to ensure the removal of as much dirt as possible.
  • Apply cleaning solution. Mix one-teaspoon of liquid dish soap and one cup of warm water. Next, use a cloth to blot the solution into the carpet. Fold the cloth over for a clean section and blot the stain again. Additional cloths may be needed for tougher stains. Bonus tip: use a light-colored cloth to see the stain lifting.
  • Dry the area. Now the stain has been removed, use a clean cloth and apply pressure to the spot to soak up any remaining moisture.

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