Friends and family will be arriving at your home soon for all the holiday parties you have planned. You’ll have food, wine, tea, coffee, soda and all sorts of food that will get spilled and dropped on the carpet.

You don’t need to worry about what happens if you’ve had your carpet protected with Scotchgard brand fabric protector. Scotchgard will keep your carpet looking newer, longer because it resists stains, making cleanup easier.

However, if you don’t have the added protection, pick up the food that dropped immediately. Blot the food stains or drink spills, but don’t wipe or rub. Spray carpet cleaner on a white cloth (color may come off on the carpet) and dab the spot. Don’t soak the carpet. When you can no longer see the stain, allow the area to dry. Remember not to use any carpet cleaner on your carpet unless it has been tested on a small area of the carpet in an inconspicuous location.

You may also want to use a powdered cleaner. If so, sprinkle lightly and rub lightly with a paper towel or white cloth. Vacuum after the stain has disappeared.

Be sure to treat all stains as soon as possible or they may set in and be much more difficult to remove.

After the holidays, call on Fusion Cleaning & Restoration Services for a deep cleaning and Scotchgard protection before the next holiday rolls around. Carpet keeps your home cozy, warm and looking nice, so treat it right for maximum carpet life.