All sorts of stains can happen on your carpet. While you may be able to temporarily remove some, you’ll want to be sure they’re entirely banished.

You don’t have to worry; Fusion Cleaning & Restoration Services is well-trained in the removal of any and all stains from your carpet. Some of the more common stains are pet urine, blood, coffee, soda, and wine. Food items can also be problematic, including ketchup, chocolate, butter, barbecue sauce and chewing gum. All of these icky stains can be easily removed by Fusion CRS.

Once your carpet stains have been removed, you may want to consider protecting your carpet with Scotchgard fabric protector. Scotchgard will keep your carpet looking newer longer because it resists spills, making cleanup easier.

When stains happen on your furniture, Fusion CRS can remove those, as well. Scotchgard can also protect your furniture from future stains.
We’re professional and offer outstanding customer service, so call us today to rid your carpet and furniture of unsightly stains.