Dirty Carpet, Before and after


With flu season coming to an end, allergy season is making its self known! 😷
So….. We’d like to focus on our home’s air quality more now that pollen and other allergens are having a field day outside. Did you know a home’s carpet is its BIGGEST filter?🍃
Just like your HVAC filter, your carpet filters many pollutants and allergens. Filters are to be changed every 6 months or so, but replacing your carpet ever year is not feasible. 👎
That’s where WE step in!
We make sure to really get into the fibers of the carpet and loosen up all the grime your carpet has been filtering! Then we work our magic 💫🌟✨ and BOOM! You’ve got yourself a clean home filter again. Not to mention a cleaner looking home too 😏