The World’s Only Authentically Botanical Disinfectant

What does it mean to be an Authentically Botanical disinfectant? We use the essential oil of the thyme plant as our Active Ingredient, not a synthetic chemical substitute. Using real, food grade ingredients makes Benefect products a sustainable option for disinfecting and cleaning. This is the story of our ingredients…

Customer Discount

Moved into a new house where the previous owners appeared to never let their pets go outside. I was mortified by the carpet. I called Fusion while pricing around other carpet cleaners in the area and they were the first to offer a free consultation and a military discount. I was able to get an appointment within the week. The day of the consult, they showed up right on time. They came in an inspected the carpeted areas with a black light and gave me expert advice on how to move forward. I feared we would have to replace the carpet, but they assured me they could do the job. They efficiently cleaned the carpets in just a little over an hour. They had me approve areas after cleaning each room, and even trimmed a couple of spots that were extra tough to leave them looking brand new. My nasty carpet with pet stains covering almost the entire room in every room (no exaggeration) look and feel brand new. No odor left except the fresh smell of the organic, all natural cleaner! Tony and Victor went above and beyond for me and I am so glad I went with fusion. The price was excellent in comparison to other carpet cleaners in the area, and my carpets were 100% dry a few hours later. Look no further for excellent carpet care! They saved me 3 grand in replacing flooring!

Erica Mortensen, Fusion Cleaning and Restoration

Awesome! Tony and Levi turned our dog couch into a brand new clean place to sit. They were very kind and just did a great job. Highly recommend!

Ashley Boswell, Fusion Cleaning and Restoration

We have recently used Fusion a 2nd time. Chad and Javier were our technicians. Once again they did a remarkable job. We have several rental homes and will use Fusion going forward. Excellent thorough cleaning service by Tony and Russell. These guys were personable and professional throughout the cleaning process. Great job! Thanks!

Richard Veech, Fusion Cleaning and Restoration

Today they came out and were very professional , made me feel confortable that the carpet was getting cleaned the very best way . I had a bad water leak in my condo . They did the best job that they could with 20 year old carpet . It looks new , just from looking . Thank you guys , and they sprayed something that made a fresh peach smell . Pleased with Jay , and Colton’s work . If you can’t afford to replace carpet the next best step is to clean with this company . Thanks

Brookelyn Bailey, Fusion Cleaning and Restoration

TONY WAS VERY PROFESSIONAL AND I LEARNED ALOT from him..Tony and Levi both did an outstanding job.I will use this company again

Tammy Kaim, Fusion Cleaning and Restoration