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Welcome to September! We may not be able to bring you cooler weather but we can bring you some grooves to start the month off right.  This month we discuss all the ways your dirty carpet could be harming you as well as share some of our owner's tips and tricks for air duct maintenance.  Keep scrolling for our Labor Day fun facts and recipes and some great tips for preparing the yard for fall.  Don't forget to check out our exclusive coupons below reserved only for newsletter subscribers! 
Could your carpet be harming you?
Most people prefer to vacuum clean their carpet themselves. But if you find it impossible or you do not have time for cleaning your dirty carpet daily, then you can tie-up with some professional carpet cleaning company to do this job for you. You can know how your dirty carpet can harm your family life by reading this article. 

Unpleasant odors: Your dirty carpet may produce unpleasant odors which can travel throughout your house to affect the whole environment. These unpleasant odors can affect not only your and your family’s health but also your reputation among the neighbors and visitors. 
 Untidy house: The dirt and dust built up in your carpet will spoil the environment of other areas of your house where carpets are not used, if it is not cleaned or vacuumed daily. The un-carpeted rooms will soon become dirty even after cleaning them thoroughly. 
Reduction in carpet life: Your regular carpet cleaning normally refreshes your carpet. Accumulation of dirt and dirt and production of unpleasant odor can be effectively checked by vacuuming the carpet daily. But if it is not cleaned regularly then you will reduce its life considerably.
Spoil your furniture: The dirt and dust accumulated in your dirty carpet will also spoil other furniture lying in your home. These dust build-ups can make your furniture look old too early like your carpet. You can increase the life of your furniture by regular carpet cleaning. 
 Illness sensitivity: One of the most harmful affects of dirty carpet is that it makes your family more sensitive to the illnesses. Your dusty carpet will increase the chances of infections and allergies due to various types of allergens, molds and infectious elements present in it. Athlete’s foot is one of the commonest health problems experienced by the people who use unclean carpet even if they have cut in their feet as they get infected through carpet. Respiratory inflammation is another common problem caused by using dirty carpet in your home in Singapore. This problem may cause due to fungus, mold and dust present in the carpet. 

 Thus, dirty carpet can affect yours and your family health in a number of ways. If you find it difficult to clean your carpet regularly then you can take services of a professional carpet cleaning company.

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Sparkling Raspberry Limeade

  • 1 cup sugar
  • 6 ounces raspberries, plus more for garnish (about 3/4 cup)
  • 1 cup freshly squeezed lime juice (16 to 25 limes)
  • 1 liter club soda
  • 1 lime, thinly sliced, for serving

Fun facts about Labor Day: 

Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday in September. This year, the first official day of the NFL and college football seasons will be celebrated on the same day. Labor Day also marks the unofficial end of summer and is the last holiday of the season.

Labor Day was made an official holiday in June 1894 by President Cleveland and the U.S. Congress. Labor Day was originally intended to celebrate the strength and contributions of the many labor associations in the United States. In many areas of the country, it was tradition to celebrate with parades and festivals in honor of the workers and their families and speeches were given by prominently well-known men and women.

Today, Labor Day is one of the biggest sales holidays for retailers next to Black Friday. And, like the old saying goes, don’t wear white after Labor Day!


Sparkling Raspberry Limeade

1. Add the sugar, raspberries and 1 cup water to a medium saucepan and bring to a simmer. Stir until the sugar dissolves.

2.Press the berries with the back of a wooden spoon so their juices leach into the mixture. Let sit and steep until cool. Strain, discarding the solids.

3.Combine the cooled raspberry syrup, lime juice and club soda in a large pitcher. Pour into tall glasses filled with ice and garnish with the lime slices and a few extra berries.

Photograph by Con Poulos

Courtesy of Food Network Magazine


Get your yard ready for fall with these simple tips:

  • Clean and fill bird feeders to help the birds out when winter comes around. Get the kids involved and let them help make some feeders. Not only is it a fun indoor activity, but it also lets the kids see different species of birds and you can sneak in a quick science lesson!
  • If you want to have the best lawn on the block when spring comes around, then you will want to prep your lawn by aerating it now so that you will have healthy, lush grass in the spring.


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