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Discover the Radiance with Fusion

Stepping onto a gleaming, polished stone floor is a luxury we all yearn for. At Fusion Cleaning & Restoration Services, we take pride in delivering unmatched stone polishing services that Fort Walton Beach residents have relied on since 2004. When in search of the perfect natural stone polishing service, your quest concludes with us.


Elevate Your Stone Surface's Beauty and Resilience

Maintain the luminous appearance and integrity of your stone surfaces with our specialized products. Whether you’re aiming for a mirror-like finish or simply protecting against wear and tear, FusionCRS has the answer.

Stone-Friendly Cleaners

Proper maintenance requires using solutions that won't harm your stone's surface. A diluted neutral cleaner can gently yet effectively keep your stone looking its best.

Stone Sealant

It's essential for every stone surface to be sealed. This not only resists stains but also facilitates a smoother cleaning process. The frequency of sealing depends on the stone type and its location.


Why Choose FusionCRS?

From Carpet & Upholstery to Tile & Grout, and especially Natural Stone Polishing, our service range is vast. We are also here for you during trying times, offering skilled Flood Damage & Restoration services.

Mastery in Stone Polishing

We employ techniques that not only amplify the shine of your stone but also enhance its longevity.


FusionCRS is dedicated to using environmentally friendly products, ensuring efficient cleaning without sacrificing quality.

Water Damage Services

With certified technicians and cutting-edge equipment, we’re poised to address any water damage emergencies you might encounter.

Unmatched Legacy

Our reputation, built since 2004, is a testament to our commitment and quality.


More than Just Addressing Surface Stains

Natural stone is naturally stunning, but it can sometimes show signs of wear or staining. FusionCRS in Fort Walton Beach is equipped with specialized treatments and tools adept at tackling even the most stubborn stone challenges, ensuring your space remains as dazzling and pristine as nature intended.

Deep Stone Polishing

We delve deep, ensuring that every pore and crevice of the stone is polished to perfection.

Tailored Treatment

Depending on the stone's condition, our professionals may suggest specific treatments to rejuvenate and protect the stone surface.

Comprehensive Solutions

Stains and wear can affect the entire depth of the stone. FusionCRS ensures a holistic solution, restoring the original luster of your stone surfaces.


Frequently Asked Questions

Polishing not only enhances the appearance of your stone but also makes it less porous, increasing stain resistance.

The frequency depends on the type of stone and its usage. However, regular polishing can maintain the shine and health of the stone.

It’s always best to use neutral or stone-specific cleaners to avoid potential damage.

While we specialize in stone polishing, our services also extend to Carpet & Upholstery, Tile & Grout cleaning, and Flood Damage & Restoration.

No. Sealing protects the stone from stains and makes cleaning easier, while polishing enhances its shine and smoothness.

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