General Terms of Service


  • Your door will remain open for the duration of the
    cleaning. Pets are not the responsibility of our techs. You will need to
    have them secured and out of the way.
  • If urine is present in carpets, the steam will
    reactivate the ammonia and will create a strong odor. 
  • Pet urine/odor treatments will neutralize the odor and
    prevent bacteria growth, but there is not a 100% guarantee the physical
    stain will be removed.
  • Heavily soiled carpets & deep penetrating stains
    will often require a more aggressive cleaning treatment. The technician
    will point out these areas in the pre-inspection. Should you choose not to
    get the recommended treatment, the cleaning results cannot be guaranteed.
  • We follow a 12-step cleaning process. Standard dry time
    is 6-8 hours for the carpet to be dry to the touch.
  • For proper drying & airflow, keep your A/C between
    70 and 74 degrees & fans turned on.
  • 15-day satisfaction guarantee: If during the 15 days
    following your initial cleaning you have any questions or concerns
    regarding our workmanship, please contact our office, 850-651-6600, so we
    may address your concerns. If no one over the age of 18 is present for
    a final walk-through with our technicians, the 15-day satisfaction guarantee
    will be void.
  • We can move various non-breakable pieces of furniture
    upon request.
  • There is a 3-7 item limit per area depending on the
    size and weight of the items. Please discuss and be specific with the
    technician on what items you would like moved before the cleaning begins.
  • Examples of items we cannot move: Items exceeding 50
    lbs., Curio cabinets (unless completely empty), Antique furniture, TV’s
    and other electronics, Beds.
  • Additional items can be moved for an additional charge
    of $3- $5 per item, depending on its size, weight and difficulty to move.
  • Furniture cannot be fully removed from the room and
    then moved back in. If you would like the technician to relocate furniture
    to another room, there will be an additional charge.
  • The technician will determine what he can safely and
    comfortably move.
  • Furniture legs will be protected with disposable blocks
    or plastic tabs placed underneath them.

*FusionCRS will not be held responsible for
previously damaged items or unforeseen circumstances at the time of moving.

Urine / Pet treatment Release of Liability
Our normal cleaning methods DO NOT treat urine/pet stains and odors. Without
the proper treatment the stain and/or odor will remain and could be magnified
by the steam. Because we cannot control urine/pet stains and odors with our
normal carpet cleaning, Fusion, CRS CANNOT be held liable for any urine/pet
stains and/or odor that remain after the cleaning is complete. For this
reason, I, the customer, release FusionCRS Inc. of all liability regarding any
urine/pet stains and/or odors that could possibly occur.
 If you have
chosen not to treat the stains via the flush method and have chosen the blanket
treatment, the Blanket method IS NOT a permanent solution in treating the
urine/pet stain(s)/odor in question. In addition, I acknowledge the possibility
of the urine/pet stain(s)/odor resurfacing. Moreover, I understand that
FusionCRS WILL NOT retreat any urine / pet stain(s)/odors that were originally
treated with the “blanket” method.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Release of Liability
Our process for cleaning tile requires us to apply moisture to the floors.
Precautionary measures are taken to protect the surrounding environment;
however, it is possible for moisture to migrate to areas under cabinets,
baseboards, furniture, etc. This is often seen when floors are not level,
pulling the moisture to a generalized location or locations and possibly
causing damage to the bottoms of baseboards and/or cabinets that are not
properly sealed. Damage can include but is not limited to; paint damage,
particle board deterioration and/or swelling, delamination, etc. We cannot
always control the direction water will migrate and therefore, FusionCRS CANNOT
be held liable for any secondary damage and for this reason, I, the customer,
release Fusion Carpet Care, Inc. of all liability regarding any unforeseen
damage that could possibly occur.

Carpet Cleaning Release of Liability
Fusion Carpet Care, Inc. aka FusionCRS CANNOT be responsible for unforeseeable
problems, such as shrinkage, fugitive colors, instructional markings, unseen
foreign fabrics, texture change or fabric weakened by sun or age. You, the
customer, are responsible for any risks involved which are beyond Fusion, CRS’
control and you, the customer, understand the risks in mind when having your
carpet cleaned, &/or treated. Carpets loose at seams or along walls or
concrete floors, or incorrect installations are cleaned at customer’s risk. Any
questions regarding our workmanship must be reported within 15 days after
completion of work or will be subject to a service charge at our option.
Customer acknowledges being informed and understands that carpet is damp after
cleaning and that care should be taken in stepping from damp carpeted area onto
non-carpeted areas to avoid slipping.


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